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Welcome to the Company KOLYAR Ltd. website!

 Company KOLYAR Ltd. is a successful trader at the market of agricultural products of Ukraine, as well as international market. We make export deliveries of goods of the Ukrainian origin: grain crops, legumes, oil cultures, medical plants, seeds for bird/animal food, spices, groats, vegetables, oils etc.

Our company vigorously cooperates with many leading Ukrainian producers of agricultural good, grain elevators, grain -processing enterprises, feed mills, oil enterprises.

 We ship our goods to a number of countries of Europe and Asia, in particular, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iraq, Russian Federation, Belorussia and others.

 We deliver our goods by various kinds of transport, such as by grain-carrier wagons, sea containers, trucks. We provide packing the goods into different kinds of tare (polypropylene/paper bags, big bags, barrels) or in bulk, depending on our customers’ demand.

 We highly value our customers, that’s why we deliver only high quality production. We always thoroughly select among the best goods, constantly conduct the quality tests at the independent certified laboratories.

 Company KOLYAR Ltd. is a member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.

 OUR OBJECTIVE: to be the best Ukrainian exporting company, delivering the high-quality agricultural production at competitive prices, efficiently fulfilling the delivery conditions and terms.

 OUR TEAM: The team of our company – are the highly skilled specialists in the field of agricultural production trade, international trade, logistics, who constantly make the market study and analysis, having the long-term experience  of practical activity. Our team always finds the optimal mutually beneficial solution to meet the demands and needs of our business partners. Our credo is honesty, straight and transparent dealing.

 INTERESTS: Company KOLYAR Ltd. is interested in progress of fruitful long-term cooperation with new and with regular business partners in Ukraine and in the  foreign countries.